• 09-MAY-2017

New Gotham® MYO Luminaires from Acuity Brands Merge Multiple Lighting Layers into One, Minimalistic Form Factor

New Gotham® MYO Luminaires from Acuity Brands Merge Multiple Lighting Layers into One, Minimalistic Form Factor
ATLANTA – May 8, 2017 – Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) announced today the availability of the Gotham® MYO Series, a multifunctional luminaire system that delivers up to three layers of light – ambient, task and accent -- from a single, minimalistic form factor, and without compromise to lighting performance and configurability.

Gotham MYO luminaires offer exceptional performance, delivering up to 1500 lumens per head, with up to three heads per fixture providing individually addressable and configurable light sources. The individual heads produce no dead spots in aiming with 40-degree tilt and 365-degree rotation. This degree of configurability enables a building manager -- using just the MYO Series luminaire -- to easily enhance a painting with a narrow beam, brighten a reception area with general illumination and create visual focal points with a decorative pendant.

In addition to providing superior visual shielding to the light source, the Gotham MYO Series’ patent-pending compound baffle system creates the unique ability for the luminaire to blend seamlessly into the background, or become an accent to the architecture by using any of 11 colored baffle options (seven solid and four metallic). The compound baffles also minimize glare and deliver a consistent brightness across the luminaire. Refractors, with eleven different beam angles, are also field interchangeable, further enabling the designer to directly tailor the system to the overall design goals.

“Custom accent lighting applications used to require multiple, individual fixtures for each lighting layer, making configurability and cost a challenge,” said Douglas Grove, VP-Product Marketing, Acuity Brands Lighting. “The Gotham MYO Series offers multiple layers in a single form factor, enabling all layers of light from one minimalistic, but high-performing, luminaire. The 40-degree title and 365-degree rotation completely eliminates dead spots in multiple lighting paths for more uniformly lit spaces of all sizes.”

Acuity Brands will be demonstrating the Gotham MYO luminaires (Booth #1713) during LIGHTFAIR® International, May 9-11, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.  For more information visit us at www.acuitybrands.com.