• 19-NOV-2010

Holphane Adds Lighting-Install Photos to Facebook

Holphane Adds Lighting-Install Photos to Facebook
Seven new photo galleries of recent Holophane lighting installations have been posted to the company's Facebook Photo Albums. The seven installations include…

o Osawatomie, KS: Washington Postlite on SiteLink SL8 poles

o Waynesville, NC: Prismalumes in a horse arena

o University of Tennessee: Prismalume and Illumibay at UT Rec Center

o Olathe, KS: Full Cutoff Utility Series at a Subway Restaurant

o Duluth, MN: GranVille LED on SiteLink poles

o Mississippi State University: Washington Postlite

o Orlando, FL: Mongoose installations on Florida Turnpike

To view the galleries, simply go to the Holophane Facebook page and click on the "Photos" tab to browse the various photo albums. You can also click on the bulleted links above to go directly to each gallery album. If you are new to Facebook, it's very simple to get started; here's a link to a very helpful step-by-step guide on e-how.com.

Stay tuned, as "Prism Pete" adds installations to the photo album gallery regularly.