• 11-MAY-2016

Holophane Earns Accolades from Tennessee Valley Authority's EnergyRight® Solutions for Helping Drive Energy Savings

ATLANTA– May 11, 2016 – Acuity Brands, Inc.​ (NYSE: AYI; “Company”), announced that its Holophane® brand was recently recognized for excellence in energy performance and management by the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) EnergyRight® Solutions for  Business + Industry (ERSB+I) Program. The ERSB+I program provides financial incentives through participating local power companies to encourage business and industrial customers to install more energy efficient equipment in their facilities.

In 2015, LED lighting from Acuity Brands helped TVA’s customers earn over $335,000 in cash incentives and save a total of more than 4.6 million kilowatt hours in the Mississippi service area. Acuity Brands lighting solutions also contributed to TVA’s total energy savings goal of 317.41 gigawatt hours for the year. One customer, Magnolia Combined Cycle Gas Plant in Ashland, Mississippi, which is TVA’s largest gas-fired plant, saved approximately $60,000 in costs related to reduced energy usage and maintenance work through a facility-wide upgrade from high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures to LED lighting fixtures and networked controls from Acuity Brands.

As part of TVA’s Preferred Partners Network (PPN), Acuity Brands has completed 17 lighting projects, which have resulted in savings of nearly 8.7 million kilowatt hours throughout the TVA service area since 2011. TVA’s customers have obtained more than $749,000 in cash incentives in connection with these projects.

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