• 16-NOV-2015

Acuity Brands Brings Dynamic Lighting to Mainstream Applications; Desirable features, preferred forms and scalable networks help transform everyday spaces with dynamic lighting

Mainstream Dynamic: only from Acuity Brands

ATLANTA– November 16, 2015 – Acuity Brands, Inc.​ (NYSE: AYI), a market leader in providing indoor and outdoor lighting and energy management solutions, introduces a simplified, holistic dynamic solution that brings features once reserved for theatrical and architainment lighting to mainstream applications. This new Mainstream Dynamic system integrates exciting dynamic features with traditional forms and scalable control networks, enabling designers and architects to transform everyday spaces.

Mainstream Dynamic system features include: Warm Dimming, which recreates the inviting feeling of halogen sources that warm as they are dimmed; Tunable White, white light that shifts seamlessly between color temperatures; and Architainment Color, which takes the classic dynamic lighting effects so often seen in themed or theatrical settings and makes them accessible for commercial applications.

The flagship Mainstream Dynamic forms debut with the EVO® Downlights from Gotham® in Round, Square, Open Wallwash and Square Lensed Wallwash. These provide optimized distributions tailored to the lighting application from the same trusted and familiar EVO forms. Depending on the desired features, both the Fresco™ Touch Screen Controller and nLight® Wallpod controller from Acuity Controls provide stable, intelligent digital networks that allow for control of traditional light sources while incorporating the needs of Mainstream Dynamic.

“This is a real game changer in lighting indoor spaces. We have simplified dynamic lighting by addressing the hidden complexity before the system is installed and by using the forms and networks our customers know and trust,” said David Ciccarelli, Vice President Dynamic Lighting, Acuity Brands Lighting. “Mainstream Dynamic system components are designed together to work together, as opposed to a fragmented, difficult-to-operate, unreliable system comprised of multiple manufacturers. And because all components come from Acuity Brands, specification is greatly simplified.”

Acuity Brands has also developed a unique methodology for specifying Mainstream Dynamic. The Gamut, Path, Handle, Data (GPHD) method takes a whole system approach to specifying and comparing dynamic systems. Knowing the four specification attributes, a designer can quickly understand performance and quality levels across the system.

The Gamut is the full potential range of color that can be produced. The Path looks at the system range of colors you can actually produce within the restricted range of a luminaire. The Handle is the language you are speaking to the luminaire, such as the intensity or color temperature. Data is the delivery method for handles of control, including wired and wireless networks. Overall, specifying using GPHD makes it easy to look for compatibility between different luminaires, networks and controls.

To learn how you can begin transforming your customers' everyday spaces, check out our Mainstream Dynamic Video and Application Guide​​, and visit our Mainstream Dynamic page at http://www.acuitybrands.com/mainstreamdynamic.