• 18-NOV-2015

Acuity Brands Adds Bytelight™ Indoor Positioning Technology to Popular Retail Lighting Lines

ATLANTA – November 17, 2015 – Acuity Brands, Inc.​ (NYSE: AYI) today announced newly enhanced LED luminaires for retail applications that incorporate ByteLight™ technology to create an ultra-precise indoor positioning and wayfinding system.

ByteLight technology from Acuity Brands provides Platform-as-a-Service capability – using luminaire-embedded Visible Light Communication and Bluetooth® low energy technologies combined with cloud-based software services – to assist retailers in delivering relevant digital content to shoppers via mobile devices. ByteLight technology enables retailers to provide offers, product information and assistance to shoppers based on their in-store location.

“Lighting-driven indoor positioning services are emerging as the best approach for retailers to deliver a true omnichannel shopping experience to their customers at the point-of-purchase location,” said Steve Lydecker, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior Vice President of Applied Integrated Solutions. “Our LED luminaires enabled with ByteLight technology deliver a superior indoor positioning solution that allows retailers to engage digitally with their customers anywhere in the store. This new capability gives the retailers the potential for increased revenue and shopper loyalty.”

Acuity Brands energy-efficient LED lighting products enabled with ByteLight technology are available in both recessed and suspended-style luminaires. Acuity Brands offers new construction fixtures, as well as retrofit assemblies that help lower renovation costs by allowing retailers to convert recessed fluorescent fixtures to high-performance LED without removing the old housing. Luminaires and LED drivers available for use with ByteLight technology include:

  • Traditional recessed grid volumetric architectural luminaire which offer classic aesthetics
  • High-efficiency recessed grid open louvered solution which optimizes light distribution for merchandise and interior environments
  • Open ceiling suspended retail aisle performance luminaire which distributes crisp uniform light toward the “selling zone” shelved merchandise
  • Award-winning ECOdrive® LED drivers from eldoLED®, both UL listed and CE approved, for use in a variety of Acuity Brands and select OEM manufacturers’ luminaires

Retailers can also benefit from operational savings by using ByteLight technology to obtain information that allows them to optimize staffing, efficiently replenish out-of-stock locations, and assess the impact of marketing and merchandising strategies.

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